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The LaFerrara family took over La Famiglia Sorrento in 2003. Sorrento's was a well-established family owned and operated business for over 40 years prior. The owners, Anthony and Regina LaFerrara, come from a line of bakers, chefs, and business people which is why we are so successful 13 years later. Regina is from Staten Island. Her family owned and operated many restaurants as she was growing up in Staten Island and Long Island, New York. Anthony is from Cranford where he was born and raised. While he's not the best chef, he's one of the best businessmen, who built his empire from the ground up. He owns apartment buildings in East Orange and Irvington. LaFerrara Properties provides luxurious affordable housing to more than 1,000 tenants. Anthony and Regina's daughter Gina is the front of
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Chicken Tortellini
Chicken Vegetable 
Pasta Fagioli
Roasted Tomato 
Italian Wedding
Manhatten Clam Chowder


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